Dhakaiya Profession

Bull Cart Puller

Posted in Bull Cart-puller by rrasheeka on February 24, 2009

Photography: Salman Saeed

Bull carts are not seen in all parts of Dhaka very often. But in Old Dhaka, if you go around the streets you will come across many bull carts everyday. Especially if you are in any street that is linked towards Shadarghat, you will definitely see a number of bull carts pass by.

From early in the morning the work of the bull cart puller starts. These people are very hardworking. They not only look after the bulls but they are also responsible for the bulk of goods that they collect from the Shadarghat and take to the destination. They work from sunrise to sunset taking goods to and fro. Most of the pullers are people who do not own either the bulls or the cart. They cannot afford to buy these. There are people who give bulls and carts for hire. The pullers take it from the owners early in the morning and return them at night. So, everyday, they have to pay the owners a percentage of what they earn everyday. After that, a very small amount is left for these people and their families. The lives of these people have ended up becoming sad tales that people tell to each other. It’s a sad tale of how life has treated these people. The labor that they give is underpaid to the extent to which it can be called exploitation and they don’t even have a voice.


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