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Bull Cart Puller- A Case Study

Posted in Bull Cart-puller by rrasheeka on February 27, 2009

Photography: Salman Saeed

Turning his head sideways so that the sun did not fall directly on his eyes Mohammad Siraj told me that he used to be the assistant of a cart puller when he was a young boy. From there he had learned how to take care of bulls. But he does not let his son come near the bull cart. He does not want his son to become a bull cart puller. He wants his son to grow up and study and do a proper job where he could have a good living. He lives in Nawabpur and every morning he walks to Kamrangichor to take the two bulls and the cart that he rides. From there he goes to Shadarghat to collect the goods and deliver these goods to the instructed place.

He is not satisfied with what he earns. But there is something about this profession that really thrills him. It’s the ability to be able to control the bulls. While saying this, a smiled formed at the corner of his face. It makes him feel empowered. Hearing him say this made me think. This person who is deprived from so many things in life, who has to take orders from others day in and day out, feels good about the fact that there is some being whom he can boss around, even if it’s just two animals.


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  1. natasha said, on April 25, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    awesome pix…

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