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February 25th 2009-BDR Massacre

Posted in BDR Massacre by rrasheeka on March 14, 2009

Photography: Salman Saeed

My cell phone shook in my hand as I dialed my brother’s number. I could hear continuous shots being fired. I felt angry and frustrated. Inspite of my objection my brother went to watch it. On the third ring he picked up and tried to calm me down by telling me that the BDR were firing above. And the army wasn’t really doing anything except for keeping a watch. I need not worry.

I knew it was no good trying to make him see the danger I felt, so I hung up and looked at the clock hanging in the wall. It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I looked out of the window, focusing nowhere. My mind went to the events of the day before.

During this time the previous day, I, along with a friend of mine, I had been frantically looking for a way to get back to my home. I had gone to my university and while writing an exam we got the news that the BDR were keeping all the army personnel who where inside the BDR area captive. Shots could be heard from outside and the BDR had also fired some shots randomly on the streets.

My house is very near to gate no.1 of the BDR. By the time I got near my home, the army had positioned themselves on the streets and didn’t want any civilians there as a safety measure. So I was stuck. After a while my friend found a small path and we followed it to my home. (more…)

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