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Chicken Butcher-A Case Study

Posted in Chicken Butcher by rrasheeka on March 20, 2009

Photography: Salman Saeed

Muhammad Liton kept chopping the chicken into pieces without even looking at it. He was talking to me, so he was looking at me. He has been doing this work for the last ten years and his face lit up when I praised his expertise. Like most of my interviewees, when asked how he came about to be a butcher, the answer was that his father had been a butcher, his grandfather had been one as well, so he was supposed to be one.

His shop is situated in Aloobazar in Kazi Alauddin Road in Old Dhaka. It is a market place and the entire row where he sat was filled with shops of other butchers. As a result, he faced a lot of competition everyday. To survive among such close competition, Liton tried to provide the best service by being expert in what he did. (more…)


Chicken Butcher

Posted in Chicken Butcher by rrasheeka on March 17, 2009

Photography: Salman Saeed

Butcher carries a multiple number of meanings. In this post, when I say butcher I mean someone who slaughters and dresses animals and sells them. This profession is a very common one, not only in Bangladesh, but also throughout the world. Why then, am I making this post in my blog which talks mostly about professions more-or-less specific to Old Dhaka?

That is because it is one of the oldest professions of Old Dhaka and this type of butchers slaughter and dress only chickens for a living. While walking through the marketplace in Old Dhaka, one is bound to stop for a minute to watch these butchers smoothly work on the chickens. They are such experts that you will be amazed to see the perfection with which they dress the chickens and hang them for sale. (more…)